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We will call your potential clients on your behalf

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we will send follow up emails to your clients

Be In Demand In Ashburn With Our Professional Quote Trackers.

Always have your quotes followed up with Quote Logic.

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So I Have A Few Questions For You.

  • How many jobs did you quote for last month?
  • How much was those quotes worth to your business?
  • How many did you have time to follow up?

If the answer to the last question was all of them, that’s great maybe Quote Logic are not for you. However if you said just once you may have already lost that job.

 Next month potentially you will be repeating this process. More time and effort you have wasted not being able to follow up with contacting clients. 

  • Now ask yourself how much was that job potentially worth to your company?
  • Can you afford to not chase these jobs up? 
  • What could you have done if you had won an extra 1,2, 3 or more of these jobs?

Here is where Quote Logic can help you and your business. 

We do all the following up for you at Quote Logic.

We will contact your clients on your behalf using your company name to find out where they are in the process of making the decision. We at Quite Logic will try to put your customers minds at ease and help convert that quote into a sale. 

If they are not going forward with the works we will ask them to give constructive feedback on what made them choose to not go ahead with the project. We will in turn pass on this information on to you to help grow and manage your sales on services. 

Logging Quotes With Quote Logic

Logging Your quotes couldn’t be easier. We have a dedicated quote logging webpage for those who have a quote on a device other than there work desktop.

For those who are in the office you can install our Quote Logic software and start logging quotes with a few simple clicks. 

You can also view what you have already logged and cancel any tracked quotes.

Please fill out the form below to get an accurate pricing.
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We do have a minimum amount of quotes that you will be charged for each 14 days but we will also actively remind you of how many quotes we are managing and what there status is.

You don’t have to send all your quotes to us (but it is highly recommended so all your customers receive the same care and nurturing) If you was to send us just the quotes that you fail to normally follow up each month im sure you would see a much higher conversion rate.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Once you have signed up you will get a link to our tracking service where you can log your quotes for us to follow up for you.

You can log as many quotes as you need us to follow up for you. 

We will follow up your quotes as long as needed. We will only ever cancel a Quote being followed if your client specifically says they will not be going forward with works or told by yourself to stop.

No you will have access to Quote Logics desktop logging software. You will also receive a link to our quote logging pages.

We will contact your customers by telephone and by email. 

Our first call will be made within 24hrs of the quote being logged. From there we will make every effort to contact your client to find out where they are in there decision making, setting times best to call them and follow up emails will be sent. 

To sign up with us: 
You will need to provide your company and billing details.

To log a quote:
You will need to send us the clients name and contact with a copy of the quote that you have sent them.

Billing And Payment

When you have fully signed up you will be billed every 14 days by direct debit for then number of quotes that have been tracked in that 14 day period on a rolling basis

Absolutely. If you need additional quotes to be followed up you can keep logging the quotes as you would. At the end of the 14 days we will invoice you for what you have sent us.

We use Direct-debt which will be invoiced though our parent company every 2 weeks. 

Nope. You will only ever be charged for the quotes that you log with us. ( minimum of 10 )

You will be debited every 14 days.